Intel begins cooperation with Sypwai to solve the problem of environmental pollution

Intel, a U.S. company known for its developments in artificial intelligence, announced today that it has begun a collaboration with Sypwai, a British startup. "First of all, we hope for a tremendous exchange of experience, which subsequently can change people's lives for the better: increase life expectancy, prevent accidents and make the world more comfortable and safer," tell us about its plans Intel's director of technical development Nicholas Trouche.

As you know, Sypwai is engaged in developments in the field of artificial intelligence and, it should be noted, very successfully, because the popularity of the startup in the technological world skyrocketed in just a few months. "We can see how powerful the potential of this alliance is. All we need now is to learn how to work together, and the positive results will not be long in coming," Sypwai says.

With the five-year agreement with Intel, Sypwai wants to gain a foothold in the technology market. Intel, in turn, can use all of Sypwai's developments in its interests, from which either company will only benefit. In addition, the market leaders promised to create an innovative product based on artificial intelligence, which will help prevent global disasters and solve the problem of environmental pollution once and for all.